1st Training in Southampton

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29th Feb - 4th March 2016,

Southampton, UK




Southampton Solent University



Τhe MariLANG partners met at Southampton Solent University for an one-week training course in order to master techniques of language test item development.

The language test construction and evaluation is an essential part of the development of assessment standards. Partners will need to construct and evaluate language tests and the training of the item writers and raters  (examiners) is of crucial importance of any testing programme, since if the marking of a test is not valid and reliable then all of the other work undertaken earlier to construct a 'quality' instrument will have been a waste of time. Southampton Solent University (SSU) who has over 20 years of experience in language testing will provide this specialised training for the partnership. The long term benefit is the partners will then be able to provide similar training to the new personnel involved in the assessment training, as the assessment standards are exploited globally.

The training course is language test item development for the development of an item bank. As part of the test specifications, sample items (questions) will be produced, leading to the creation of an item bank and moderation of the items in this bank. To ensure the tests are varied, and have different items (questions) an item bank is required. Also, training on item moderation to ensure they match the requirements set out for each item, as per the test specifications. Developing an adequate bank of test items will ensure that there the test takers will have varied and different tests, and provide the tests with a long term future. The training of development of the test items in the partnership will ensure that a consistent, reliable, and valid test items are produced for a team of item writers.       

This course will focus on item writing and item moderation training to support the development of test items for a data bank of test items. The training will ensure that a set of pretested items or tasks will have been calibrated accordingly to characteristics such as person's (test takers) ability, item difficulty, and powers of discrimination, and stored in central files for use when needed. The training will ensure that the test constructors who are devising a new version of a test can select from the bank items which will not only be of suitable level for the test population, but will also, when assembled together, combine to form a test which is equivalent in difficulty and discrimination to previous tests in the series.

The language test item development training course will be run by SSU over 5 days by 1 staff directly related to Intellectual Output 3 (O3).


Click here to see a video of the 1st day of training or here to see a video of the 2nd day of training. Here is a video with the compilation of the entire training session made by the Greek partner.









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