Multiplier Events & Training Activities

Multiplier Events

Event 1: MariLANG Conference to be hosted by University of Jade in the final two months of the project (July-August 2018).

Project Teaching/Learning/Training Activities for Partners

Training Activity 1: Language test item development course focused on item writing and item moderation training to support the development of test items for a databank of test items.

Training Activity 2: Item analysis and Rater training course to underpin the need for consistency of standards based on a set of criteria applied to, including item analysis, the marking schemes, the evaluation criteria, arrangements for confidence building in administration of the tests, the consistency of measurement marking/grading; a standardisation framework for group review and discussion of test features, task and evaluation criteria and scoring procedures.

Training Activity 3: Rater reliability training course. The chief rater will review the raters understanding of the marking schemes, the evaluation criteria, ensure there is confidence in administration of the tests. Using the pretesting of the test items, the rater will undertake different exercises to review the consistency of measurement of marking/grading.

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